Chicago Democracy Project

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What is the New CDP

CDP now seeks to update and expand all its existing data: city election results, city-awarded contracts, campaign contributions, appointments to boards and commissions and public employment, and integrate to existing data sets: crime, tax increment financing, aldermanic roll call voting, city budget, education, health, housing and land use. Data will cover the time period 1970-2012. CDP expects to partner with universities, government agencies and other civic and community-based organizations to provide a comprehensive one-stop shop to critical social, political, economic and demographic data: city-wide, census tract, congressional district, ward, precinct, neighborhood and zip code level. In addition, an expansion and update will layer in dynamic, flexible and high-level functional analytical tools and instruments: GIS, Access, Excel, SAS and SPSS to conduct longitudinal and cross-tab analyses, using visual products, across critical variables, providing information not available anywhere else.